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Nepal's first women's futsal league, a fully women-run initiative: organized by women, played by women, and refereed by women.

"The league provides the continuity that is needed for girls to improve and move forward."

Maya Lama, National Referee


"I feel that girls in our culture are not encouraged to play sports. I think the Mahila Premier League is a great platform for all of us to come together, know each other, and make a positive mark in our community."

Neliya Gurung

"This league game has made me feel proud of myself. It is my big wish that the Mahila Premier League continues further in the coming years too."


"Without opportunities it is not possible to reach our goals. We girls have talent. Now we need to step out of our comfort zone, grab opportunities, and give a platform for our talent to influence others."

Razeta Shakya

"I have met many good players at the Mahila Premier League, and I have become their football fan! I feel happy seeing girls like me playing sports."

Rehha Bhatta

"We have been playing football for five years. We are proud to be players; not all  girls get an opportunity to play, having an opportunity to play makes us feel lucky."

Shubu Khadka

"From a small age, I used to have the feeling that if boys can play sports, why can’t girls do the same?"

Anu Yadav


Season I: 2017